Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don’t Be Spooked by Safety

October is Halloween Safety Month and at Med File Now, Inc. (MedFN) we want to make sure that your little ones stay safe. Here are some safety hints we found at www.halloween-safety.com/ that we want to share.

When your child is deciding on a costume make sure that it will be safe. Check to see if it is fire proof. All masks should have eye holes large enough for good peripheral vision.

Make sure that any jack-o-lanterns with candles in it are far enough out of reach so that a kid’s costume doesn’t accidentally catch on fire.

If your child is carrying a prop, such as a scythe, butcher knife or a pitchfork, the tips should be smooth and flexible enough to not cause injury if fallen on.

One of the fun things to do during Halloween is carving the pumpkin and kids always want to help. Never allow a young child to use a knife. Have kids participate by cleaning out the pumpkin and drawing a face on it, which you can carve for them.

Having a meal before going out Trick or Treating will decrease the likelihood of children wanting to eat the candy they collect before you have a chance to check it for them.

Teaching your kids basic everyday safety such as not getting into cars or talking to strangers, watching both ways before crossing streets and crossing when the lights tell you to, will help make them safer when they are out Trick or Treating.

Have a safe and happy Halloween for all of us at