Monday, June 16, 2008

Disaster Preparedness

Are you prepared for a national disaster? Many people don’t think about it until it is too late. The ability to react during and after these tragedies could be a matter of life or death. Don’t become a statistic.

A disaster such as an earthquake gives a person little to no warning and can demolish a city in seconds. The devastating tornados in the plain states are a constant reminder that you might only have a minutes warning before your life is turned upside down or even taken. Recent forest fires that ravished the West and what is being called the 500 year flood in the Mid-west gave people just hours to evacuate before having to evacuate their homes. June 1st begins hurricane season. For people living in these regions there is an advance warning to evacuate the area because these large hurricanes can bring unimaginable, wide-spread, massive destruction to the infrastructure.

Being in one of these disasters could be life threatening but what about during the extended aftermath? This was evident when hurricane Katrina plowing through New Orleans. Basic needs such as food, water and shelter where were made available over time but one of the biggest challenges was medication. Not because it was not available but because the individuals could not recall the medications they were taking or their specific health history. This can be brought on by stress, a weakening memory or caused because someone receives their personal healthcare from someone else who was not available.

In any type of disaster, beside the toll it takes on the psyche, there is the devastation that it takes on the infrastructure. Some areas will become inaccessible or even leveled beyond any recognition. If this location is the only place that holds your medical records, they could become unavailable or even worse, destroyed. That is why it is so important to have as part of your emergency disaster plan a backup of your personal health records.

It is vital to have your crucial and non-crucial information, available in one place, with you at all times. By having your MedFN® ID card on you, emergency personal or you can simply go to the website and access your alphanumeric code to retrieve this vital information. If you are serious about your health then take the next step and protect yourself with a Med File Now® (MedFN®) account. Med File Now® is doing its part in bringing security to you and your loved ones during a disaster.