Monday, January 26, 2009

National Blood Donor Month (January 2009)

Typically with January being the first month of the year, I would be writing a newsletter about New Year’s resolutions. I would focus on topics such as how we can set healthy goals and how to achieve them. But, this year I want to talk about setting a goal that will help other people.

During times of crisis people may require blood throughout the year. Blood bank supplies can be reduced to critical levels and could result in shortages. January 2009 is National Blood Donor Month. I am urging people to consider, as one of their New Year’s resolutions, to become a blood donor. This time of the year the blood banks will see a reduction in supply for two reasons. Primarily, this is due to people typically staying in more during the cold weather. Secondarily, over the holidays people do a lot of traveling and are not available to give blood in their usual location.

Approximately 39,000 units of blood are required every day in our country to service our hospitals and emergency treatment facilities. This life saving blood helps victims of accidents, but is routinely administered to patients with cancer, organ transplants and other diseases. The goal of National Blood Donor Month is to help ensure that blood is available to patients at all times.

Not everyone may be eligible to be a blood donor, but if you are it should be something that you would consider. I personally have been a donor and a recipient. I did not think too much of the impact it could have when I donated my blood. As a recipient, I was so grateful to whoever that person was who made the decision to give.

Also remember on your Med File Now® (MedFN®) account you can have your blood type listed for any emergency. If you do not have an account just go to and sign up so you will be ready for those unexpected emergencies.