Monday, July 21, 2008

Destination of Fun and Safety

You have waited all year to break loose and enjoy all the benefits of summer but are you really prepared? Summer is a time for families and individuals to venture off to new and different locations. Where you are going could mean everything. Whether you are visiting; major cities, theme parks, the great outdoors, traveling abroad or on a cruise, make sure to incorporate safety into all your plans.

Know your Destination

We all plan on having a great time on our vacation but typically no one plans on the unexpected. If you are traveling to a major city one would assume that there would be appropriate emergency facilities available. By doing some preplanning you can find out where some of these facilities are if the need arises. Also if you do have a medical condition that is being treated by a Physician you can consult with them before leaving to see if they might know a colleague in that area.

Theme parks and cruise lines put their best foot forward for the safety of their guest but a simple call, ahead of time, can help you prepare for the unexpected. Plus, you may discover that there is more available than you would have expected. When on a cruise, consult your Cruise Director before leaving the ship for any on shore excursions. Be prepared for that emergency.

The great outdoors is one way to get away from everything. From camping in a tent, arriving in a RV or staying in a cabin, all of them put you right in the middle with nature. At the same time you can be very isolated from the rest of civilization. Knowledge of near by medical facilities could be vital when vacationing in desolate areas.

Traveling abroad will require more preplanning and research. Remember there is always diversity in foreign countries culture and customs in regard to healthcare. Also you will want to check with your insurance carrier about your coverage or if you need additional coverage.

Keeping it Safe

Current and expedient information is the first step in planning ahead and keeping it safe. Losing airline tickets or your passport could lead to travel interruption. An accident could spoil the whole trip. Family members getting separated could lead to panic. Keeping a backup of information could become critical. This can all be accomplished via the Internet. Members of Med File Now® (MedFN®) know that the benefits of having electronic medical information available, in an instant. It is crucial but it is not always just about medical issues. Travelers and their children need to protect themselves with electronic information also. has a unique tri level security system which you can choose who can view this information. If you have a child and they get separated from you, the card would give access to information that you would want to make available. Such information as their name, list of emergency contacts, and insurance card information will ensure they are going to get the best care available in an emergency. Also, you have the ability to enter the location and dates of where you are staying while on vacation. Med File Now® (MedFN®) makes it convenient to store information in different areas on the site, such as ticketing and passport information that can be kept private for your eyes only. You don’t need a health condition to use just a desire to be safe.